Apollo Pen Kit | Starter Pack

Apollo Pen Kit | Starter Pack

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The Apollo starter pack includes:

  • 1x Stainless Steel Apollo Rollerball Kit
  • 1x Stainless Steel Apollo Fountain Kit
  • 1x Brass Apollo Rollerball Kit
  • 1x Brass Apollo Fountain Kit
  • 1x black Stainless Rollerball Kit
  • 1x set of Stainless Steel mandrels


The same great Apollo kit you know and love, now redesigned and improved for an even higher quality kit at the same great price.

Improvements to the kit include:

  • Triple start threads for an improved user experience.
  • The cap insert has a machined air hole in it so that you will not get a trapped air pocket as you epoxy in the cap (an issue from version 1).
  • Proudly made right here in the USA. 

This high-quality pen kit gives you the creative freedom and look of a bespoke pen without needing expensive equipment to achieve it! Made with the finest 304 Stainless Steel & Lead-Free Brass, these pens will be sure to turn heads with your customers. The fountain pen variety uses a #5 nib and comes with an ink converter as well as a pre-filled cartridge. The rollerball comes with a Schmidt 5888 refill and a spring. 

Drill bits needed: 3/8" and 29/64" for the cap (I highly recommend doing a test fit though. If your tailstock has slop, you may want to go down a size). 23/64, 5/16 and 1/4" for the body.

Video tutorial HERE

Updated Instructions

Tips & Tricks

Instructions + Tips PDF

Make sure to pick up a set of mandrels as well


If you're looking for the instructions to the legacy Apollo kit, you can find them here

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