Resin Casting

At Bullseye Turning Supply, we have resin casting solutions to fit all of your needs!

Bullseye Turning Supply can pour resin to fulfill all of your custom needs! We cast blanks in several sizes such as pen blanks, knife handles, spheres, game calls, rings and more. Send us a reference such as a company logo, team colors or your favorite photograph and we will color match to perfection. You can also send a song or poem and we will work with you to create a perfect design.*

For the occasions where your wood piece isn't quite big enough for the project you're making, or has voids in it making it challenging to work with, resin casting is the perfect solution!

We use Alumilite Clear Slow which is a urethane resin that cures to a perfect hardness for turning. It polishes great and isn't soft like epoxy resins. We employ a wide variety of pigments, dyes, and mica powders for color effects that can customize your cast to the look you want!

Please allow 10-14 days for design, casting, curing, cutting, and cleaning. However, most custom orders will be shipped within one week of ordering.






Size - 6" x 7/8" x 7/8" - Square - Standard Size

Price per blank - $12/blank

Minimum Quantity - 6 blanks

Size - 9" x 13/16" Ø - Round - Bespoke Length

Price per blank - $18/blank

Minimum Quantity - 9 blanks

Bulk discounts apply if ordering 12 blanks or more. Taxes & shipping will be calculated and added based on your location.

Interested in a custom resin request? Let's get started!

Email us at:



* Additional design fees may apply 
"OCEAN EYES" was created from a custom resin request. A customer send us a reference image of Lake Tahoe and asked if we could create a lake inspired blank. On the right, you see the resin in brick form and on the left is the final blanks cut into 6" pen blanks for the customer.