Stabilizing Services

At Bullseye we are equipped to vacuum stabilize your wood pieces/blanks. This can take punky, fragile woods and make them much more dense and solid for turning, carving, or machining. Stabilizing also helps solidify burls and helps eliminate wood movement

We use Cactus Juice stabilizing resin for all of our stabilizing services. We weigh your wood after it has dried in our drying oven for at least 24 hours, and then we weigh it again after it has been stabilized. The difference in weight is how the price is calculated, so you only pay for the amount of resin used!

Our prices are as follows:

Clear Stabilizing - $1.25/ounce

One Color Stabilizing - $1.45/ounce

Two Color Stabilizing - $1.65/ounce

A $25 setup fee applies to each job, in addition to the resin cost.

Available Colors:
Emerald Green
Teal Green
Brilliant Blue
Electric Blue
Aztec Gold
Sunset Orange
Extreme Pink
Mellow Mauve
Red Wine
Scarlet Fire
Fireball Red
Purple Haze
Midnight Black