Segmented HempWood Pen Blanks | Junior Series

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Each blank is made using our stabilized Hempwood. The Teal & Orange blanks feature Padauk accents and veneer trimmings while the Teal & Red blanks are accented with Bloodwood. They have been expertly segmented by Ken Frisbie and are tubed for Junior pen kits.

HempWood is made via a patented process that utilizes bio-mimicry to transform hemp fibers and protein based bonding agents into a viable substitute for anything solid oak can be used for. All hemp growth and material production is conducted in the United States of America and the hemp is grown using sustainable methods, which helps eliminate deforestation.

Please note that turning HempWood is not for the beginner turner. Even stabilized, the nature of the product's construction makes it a challenge to turn. Please take light cuts with sharp tools, and keep some thin CA nearby just in case.

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